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Gallery of Blue Plaques in Blackpool: M to R

Below is a list of Blue Plaques beginning with M to R.

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Masonic Hall

Adelaide Street / South King Street junction, near the back of the Winter Gardens.

Mitre Inn

West Street, off the promenade between North Pier and the Tower.

Municipal Buildings

Market Street next to the Town Hall.

North Pier

The plaque is missing.

North Station

The original station was on the site of Wilkinson's Store and the plaque is in their entrance.

Old Coach House

50 Dean Street. Almost opposite South Pier.

Old No 3 and Didsbury Hotel

The plaque is missing.

Old Post Office

57/59 Church Street at Beaverbrook's Jewellers.

Oxford Hotel and Marton Windmill

Aldi, Oxford Square. Unveiled 19th November 2015.

Blue Plaque, Oxford Hotel, Marton Windmill, Blackpool


Parish Church of St John

St John's Square, Church Street.

Princess Parade

In front of the Metropole Hotel near North Pier.

Queen Vera Road

At the rear of Abingdon Street Market opposite the Cedar Tavern.

Raikes Hall

Junction of Liverpool Road and Leamington Road.

Railway Hotel

The plaque is missing.

Revoe Library

Central Drive / Grasmere Road junction.

Richmond Villa

253 Whitegate Drive, Preston New Road end. Leased as Marton Telephone Exchange from 1930 to 1959.

Robert's Oyster Rooms

Promenade / West Street junction. South of North Pier.

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