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One of Blackpool Civic Trust’s prime aims is to promote high standards of planning and architecture and try to secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of all features of historical or public interest within our town.

We also believe the planning system has untapped potential to engage people in becoming more actively involved in their community as well as managing land use, change and development for the widest public good.

To further our aims we have appointed a Planning Officer who is also a member of our Committee.

Blackpool Civic Trust – Role of the Planning Officer

Blackpool Civic Trust is given the opportunity to examine all planning applications submitted to the Blackpool Council Planning office.  However we currently limit our interest to applications in conservation areas and to listed buildings. 

The conservation areas are mainly within Blackpool Town Centre around the Town Hall, and Stanley Park together with its bordering properties.  We also review all applications related to the Grade I and Grade II / II* listed buildings in Blackpool.

Our planning activity is being expanded to include buildings which we believe need protecting and these are to be considered as Local Listed Buildings. A committee has been established by Blackpool Council to create and formalise this list on a ward by ward basis.  The Planning Officer is a member of this committee.

Our interest is not just in alterations to properties but also for such things as the erection of mobile phone masts or the cutting down of mature trees which have a preservation order on them.

The Planning Officer is a member of our Committee and provides a report to the Committee Meetings and to the monthly members meetings.