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The Choir Loft - Blackpool Cenotaph

This is a contemporary memorial to those who struggle for freedom in all
conflicts. It is a functional monument to the act of resistance and the importance
of memory, and has been designed to compliment the existing Cenotaph.
The aim of the work is to provide a space for contemplation and reflection for
visitors. On ceremonial days it will host public celebration and memorial through

The memorial takes the form of a ‘Choir Loft’ – a permanent space for a choir to
sing, positioned so that the singers face the existing Cenotaph, and beyond that,
the sea. A Choir Loft is the raised area of a church where the choir sings during

On the rear wall of the memorial, a poetic phrase is engraved.
‘Sing softly. Be still. Cease.’

The memorial is faced in white granite, with a contrasting band of blue granite
into which the text is cut. There is a raised, wheelchair accessible platform at the
front of the memorial, to be used for visiting dignitaries.

In the centre of the semicircular ‘stage’ is a round dedication plaque in embossed
bronze, of around 40cm in diameter. This reads (subject to the approval of the
This memorial is dedicated to those who struggle for freedom in all conflicts, and
those who remember them.
It is sacred to those who have resisted occupation, and those who were civilians.
Those who are forever still; we remember you.
It is hoped that the memorial will contribute to the Veterans’ Day parades and the
Remembrance Day services by embedding the act of song within the ceremonies
as a way to remember, to celebrate, and to honour those to whom the memorial
is dedicated.

The artwork is inspired by the long tradition of ‘resistance songs’ sung in their
various forms in many conflicts by many people, from the Jewish Eli, Eli (also
known as the Holocaust Song), to Vera Lynn, to Bob Dylan and beyond.

It is intended that the innovative functional design of the artwork will cement
Blackpool’s reputation as one of the UK’s most prestigious venues for
Remembrance Events, as recognised by the award of national host to Veterans’
Day 2008.

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ref: Blackpool Council Planning Statement.