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Blackpool Air Show

Sat 12th August 2017 - Sun 13th August 2017

Free airshow in front of the central promenade in front of the Blackpool Tower.

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2015 Show Report:

Sunday August 9th, Monday August 10th 2015

Blackpool Air Show on Sunday. The promenade and sea wall was packed between North and Central Piers and many were on the sands outside the display zone.

The Typhoon opened the show with an alarmingly phenomenal display to awaken anyone who wasn't paying attention. The RAF display teams put on the Typhoon, Chinook, Red Arrows and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight(BBMF). The Chinook does things that a helicoptor of that size shouldn't while the Red Arrows were magnificent as always. The BBMF Dakota didn't show and only the Spitfire of the others.

The Breitling Wing Walkers are a thing of wonder and the many amazing aerobatic displays thrillingly demonstrate the bounds of the possible.

The noise of helicopters is something they're recognised by for those who watch the war movies. The Huey and the Chinook making loud blade flap in certain manoeuvres.

The Vulcan is due to be grounded after this season and this was the last display in the North West. How fortunate were those who have seen this example of 1950s leading edge technology even though it limits its display nowadays to preserve life.

The show was a great success with social media packed with photographs and appreciative comments.

On Monday we didn't attend but saw the US WW2 B17 bomber flying overhead. It looked amazing, you can't look at those and not think of the men who flew in them.


The full line-up was scheduled as follows:

Sunday 9th August 2015

Aircraft Start
Typhoon 13.33
Huey Helicopter 13.46
Extra 260 13.56
Strikemaster 14.06
RV8tors 14.18
Vulcan (the last appearance in the north west) 14.33
Rotorsport Calidus 14.45
Pitts Special 14.55
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Spitfire, Hurricane 15.05
Chinook Helicopter 15.20
Breitling Wing Walkers 15.33
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Dakota 15.50
Red Arrows Start 16.00
Finish 16.20

Monday 10th August 2015

Aircraft Start
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Spitfire, Lancaster, Hurricane 13.30
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Dakota 13.45
Huey Helicopter 13.52
Extra 260 14.02
Strikemaster 14.12
RV8tors 14.24
Chinook Helicopter 14.38
Pitts Special 14.50
Red Devils, British Army Parachute Display 15.00
Rotorsport Calidus 15.20
Breitling Wing Walkers 15.30
B17 15.48
Finish 15.56

The air show is nothing to do with Blackpool Civic Trust.

Review of 2013 Air Show.

The Red Arrows at the 2013 Blackpool Air Show on Sunday were superb.

The Red Arrows at the Blackpool Air Show 2013

The Red Arrows at the 2013 Blackpool Air Show on Monday were once again superb, can there be higher acclaim. Flying in formation with seagulls as well.

The Red Arrows at the Blackpool Air Show

The Red Arrows wove intertwined smoke patterns in the sky as well as a red heart pierced by an arrow. Rolling and turning in formations related to famous aircraft and displaying exacting close fast formation flying skills.

The Fairey Swordfish carrying a torpedo over the Blackpool North Pier at the Blackpool Air Show on Monday 12th August 2013. These are quite large aircraft and would take off from the deck of ships in mid Atlantic to torpedo U boats. Calling off due to weather wasn't an option.


The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight pass Blackpool Tower entering their display on Monday. The Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire. On Sunday they were joined by a DC3 Dakota which did a fine display.Battle of Britain Memorial Flight passing Blackpool Tower 2013

In 2013 the Blackpool Air Show was held over 2 days. The display on Sunday had a range of heavier, noisier jets and the aerobatic teams, while Monday omitted the Vulcan and Typhoon. The large audience was packed all along the prom and the piers on both days although Monday was less dense.

On the ground was a simulator, a Spitfire and RAFA and Red Arrows stands and the flying was ably and knowledgeably commentated through a relay of loudspeakers along the prom.

In the air The Breitling Wing Walkers danced on the wings while flying in formation at crazy angles in quite a breeze. The Abarth Extra flew sideways and hung in the air at the top of its climb. It seems there are few limits to flying if you have the right aircraft and pilot. The whole show was compelling right through on both days.

Blackpool Air Show 2013 information

The Blackpool Air Show is held annually over the beach and can be viewed for free. The show has a great line up of well known display teams including the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the RAF's world famous Red Arrows on both days. Quite a coup for 2013. The Vulcan on Sunday is special. The tremendous Typhoon is only on Sunday as well. In fact it's an exceptional line up in total, must thank the organisers; Blackpool Council, and the fliers.

Sunday August 11th

10am: opening of stalls

Noon: opening of entertainment

2.15pm: Flight Display.

Breitling Team
Sea Fury
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight: Lancaster, Hurricane & Spitfire.
Abarth Extra
Red Arrows (4.20pm see forecast timings below)

Monday August 12th

10am: opening of stalls

2.15pm: Flight Display.

Red Arrows (2.15pm see forecast timings below)
Sea Fury
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight: Lancaster, Hurricane & Spitfire.
Abarth Extra
Breitling Team


The trade stands include:

Sundae's Ice Cream,
RAF Association,
Career information stands,
Royal British Legion,
Pilot Stands

and others.

Information courtesy of VisitBlackpool - Blackpool Air Show

Blackpool International Airport has published these forecast arrival and departure times for the Red Arrows at the airport.

Saturday 10 August arriving at Blackpool 19:10

Sunday 11 August departing Blackpool 16:19 / arriving back 16:58

Monday 12 August departing Blackpool 14:04 / arriving back 14:42 / departing Blackpool 17:00

Here come the Red Arrows at a previous show:The Red Arrows by Blackpool Tower

Photo from the Blackpool Air Show 2010:Blackpool Air Show 2010


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