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Blackpool Civic Trust undertakes a number of projects each year. These may involve considerable work, such as the Imperial Tiles project, or funding support, such as the Town Hall windows, or to obtain approval for awards, memorials or plaques etc.

Some may be classified as continuing projects and others are done within a year as shown below.

Continuing projects:


Blue Plaques in Blackpool


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Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Assets of Community Value in Blackpool


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Projects by year since 2006:


Tree Planting 2nd December 2022


Blackpool Civic Trust volunteers helped a small team to plant 10 trees along the green space at Bathurst Ave in one day, Friday 2nd December. It's a big scheme at Grange Park with 9 individual projects in all, each being two-days long. We will be taking part in several more of  the projects together with other volunteers and the Groundwork team. North Blackpool Pond Trail also sent volunteers.


Our volunteers Alan Thomson is on the left and Anna Lindsay-Thinn is on the right. Pauline Taylor of Groundwork is in the middle. They were larger trees than the standard ones and very heavy owing to the big root balls.  A mechanical digger was used to move the trees to the desired spot and dig the holes.

Blackpool Civic Trust vollunters planting trees at Grange Park Blackpool  Our volunteers Alan Thomson is on the left and Anna Lindsay-Thinn is on the right. Pauline Taylor of Groundwork is in the middle.

Blackpool Civic Trust voluntees planting trees at Grange Park Blackpool with Groundwork and North Blackpool Pond Trail  2nd December 2022



Gardening project at Princess Parade crazy golf course

Blackpool Civic Trust  volunteering for gardening at the Princess Parade Crazy Golf community project in Blackpool

Blackpool Civic Trust volunteers made a start today, 14th June, on weeding the flower beds and borders of the 1950s crazy golf course alongside other volunteers.

It’s fairly easy work, though care needs to be taken on the steep slopes where the soil is quite loose. We plan to do 2 morning sessions a week and hope to get the course looking at its best in time for the summer school holidays.

We will be meeting again this week at the course on Thursday 16th June at 10.30am. Thereafter our regular morning sessions will on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am-1pm. If you are interested in helping and can spare a few hours, then please get in touch with the project officer, Paul Humble, for further information. His contact details can be found on the Civic Trust website.



Painting the Norkeed Road Promenade Shelter, Little Bispham, September 2021



The project to paint the Promenade Shelter at Norkeed Road, Little Bispham progresses, 23rd October 2021



Prior to re-painting the Promenade Shelter at Norkeed Avenue, Little Bispham, Blackpool Civc Trust  17th September 2021

17th Sept 2021 re-painting the promenade shelter Blackpool Civic Turst

The completed Princess Parade Crazy Golf Course, Blackpool

Prnicess Parade Crazy Golf Course, Blackpool

Richard Gottfried, Crazy Golf Champion, on Blackpool's re-opened crazy golf course near North Pier:

Richard Gottfried, Crazy Golf Champion on Blackpool's re-opened crazy golf course near North Pier


After a period of extensive renovation the course will once again be open from 28th May 2021 to welcome local and visitor golfers to test their skills on a historic site. The renovation has taken over 2 years and has had ongoing involvement from people facing multiple disadvantage in Blackpool, providing connection and a sense of purpose.


Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund via the Blackpool Fulfilling Lives programme, those involved in the renovation will also be involved in the running of the course. Any profits will go to the Blackpool Street Angels Community Interest Organisation to directly benefit people currently facing multiple disadvantage in Blackpool.

Paul Rawson, CEO of Blackpool and Fylde Street Angels explains how the project started: “Blackpool Fulfilling Lives approached us, offering to help with some of our community work. Whilst out picking up litter on the promenade as an organised activity, we came across the ‘sunken garden’. One of the volunteers said they would love to ‘do the site up’ and so the project started.

Since that day we have had ongoing help from people experiencing multiple disadvantage and when the course finally opens to the public we will be asking those people to stay involved. Since we started the renovation we have had adverse weather and then the pandemic restrictions but we haven’t given up.”

Ian Treasure, Partnerships Manager for Blackpool Fulfilling Lives, added: “As soon as the renovation was suggested we contacted Blackpool Council not wanting to lose enthusiasm or momentum. The Estates, Parks, and Planning departments have been really helpful as there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to get us to this point. 

More importantly is the dedication of a few people, who have continued to turn up to help the renovation. Their commitment is an inspiration and testament to the reality that if you provide people facing complex needs with opportunities for connection and a sense of purpose, they can take steps away from destructive and debilitating lifestyles. They get a glimpse of personal hope. The Crazy Golf Course is a symbol of what the Fulfilling Lives programme was all about – not giving up on people who felt everyone had given up on them. Those that have continued to be involved tell us they feel happier in general and more hopeful of what else they could achieve.”   


Sophy Proctor, Senior Head of Funding (Strategic Programmes) at The National Lottery Community Fund, said: “We are pleased that National Lottery funding, through the Fulfilling Lives programme, is being used so effectively. It is encouraging to see a project that helps people facing complex disadvantage twice. First in its creation and then when the golf course is in use in the future. Thanks to National Lottery players, it will form part of a lasting legacy for Blackpool from Fulfilling Lives, helping people currently experiencing multiple disadvantage.


As well as involving local people in remedial works, the team also used the expertise of a crazy golf champion, Richard Gottfried. Richard has helped advise on the playability of the course, and some of the history and is no stranger to the area: “I visit Blackpool regularly and have actually played this course many times when younger. It is a classic original layout. Crazy golf is having a resurgence and so I am hopeful we will see as many people as possible enjoying a round here again soon.”


Paul Humble from Blackpool Civic Trust, who has been involved with the project, said: “Crazy golf was first played here in 1957, and it’s wonderful that the course is being reopened with its major original features restored and intact. Princess Parade and the sunken gardens are part of the Town Centre Conservation Area and also part of Blackpool’s much-loved seaside heritage. The Civic Trust has reconstructed the history of this site for the storyboards and helped with the renovation work.”



The course will host competitions to coincide with high profile golfing events, and will offer individual adult, concession, and family tickets at a cost of £3, £2 and £10 respectively. It will be open for weekends from 28th May working towards full opening in peak summer.



Richard Gottfried, Crazy Golf Champion on Blackpool's new crazy golf course near North Pier:

Richard Gottfried, Crazy Golf Champion on Blackpool's new crazy golf course near North Pier


The Official Re-opening of the Crazy Golf


The sign




Blackpool Crazy Golf Course, Princess Parade near the Metropole August 2019

Work has recently started on the restoration and renovation of the disused Crazy Golf course by the Metropole Hotel, Princess Parade. The project is organised by Blackpool Fulfilling Lives and Street Angels on behalf of the homeless community whose idea it was to restore the golf course and reopen it as a going concern to the paying public. Members of the homeless community would staff it and help to operate it.

The Civic Trust was asked to help renovate the Crazy Golf course, something our members were keen to do. A rota was drawn up for our volunteers and is now in operation. Although rapid progress has been made there is plenty more to be done, including weeding, planting out and painting. If you are able to spare a few hours and wish to participate in this project, then please contact our Project Officer, Paul Humble. Please indicate when you would be available. Work takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 10.30 am and 2.30 pm and it?s a case of choosing a day and hours that suit you.

Updates on the project will be posted on our website, though for more regular and detailed updates you can visit Facebook and type in ?Blackpool Princess Crazy Golf? to read the group updates.


Below are photos of how it was before the work and then after. Also a photo of the team involved and the Champion Crazy Golf player at a hole.

Finally is a photo of the course in the 1960's.





The Team:

The Champion:

The course in the 1960's. You might also notice the jetty on the end of North Pier:



Blackpool Rock Gardens Video update July 2019

A video by Peter Mowbray of Live in Blackpool, and a member of Blackpool Civic Trust, about work the trust is doing with the Friends of the Rock Gardens n Devonshire Road, Blackpool. (the photo below is Andy from the Friends group).



Blackpool Civic Trust Art Competition 2019.
Exhibition 7th to 31st July 2019 in the Solaris Centre, South Shore

'What I love about Blackpool'


Joan Humble, Chair of Blackpool Civic Trust, welcomed winners, runners-up and guests to the opening of the very first art competition to be held by the Civic Trust. The theme of the competition was ?What I love about Blackpool?


The original work of the 13 winners can be seen at the Solaris Centre, South Shore free of charge.The exhibition closes 31st July.

To accompany and commemorate the exhibition there is a very special art calendar. . A sample copy can be inspected at the Solaris and is available for purchase for ?4.95 from Gill Howard who may be contacted on 01253 301264 or

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Granthams Graphics.

Read more on our news page.

Stephen Bruce being presented with the Winners Certificate by Sheryl of Granthams Graphics:

Blackpool Civic Trust Art Competition 2019 at the Solaris Centre


Layton Cemetery Boundary Markers


The Civic Trust sponsored two boundary markers to be placed in Layton Cemetery. The marker in the photograph is for section ?HH?, which is devoted to Church of England burials. The majority of the memorials date back to the mid-1920s.

Boundary Marker at Layton Cemetery sponsored by Blackpool Civic Trust

Devonshire Road Rock Garden - June Update

We continue to make good progress working on the Vista in Devonshire Rd Gardens. Work was suspended a few weeks ago in order to protect bird nests and wildlife. A friendly ornithologist carried out an inspection of the particular areas we intended to work on and gave the all-clear, providing we double-checked before actually starting work.

?In the accompanying photograph showing John, Roy and Stan we had to first carefully and gently move some frogs to a suitable habitat before commencing work. All in a day?s work!

Blackpool Civic Trust Project at Devonshire Road Rock Gardens 2019

The before and after photographs show the overgrown path we have recently cleared around the rocks and shrubs of the Vista at the front and side, though this is still work in progress.

Blackpool Civic Trust Project at Devonshire Road Rock Gardens 2019

We meet every Wednesday morning, weather permitting, from 10am to 12.30. Tools, gloves and refreshments are provided, though there are no toilet facilities. If you would like to see what we are doing then why not come along and have a look. The Rock Gardens are certainly worth seeing for themselves and the views are marvellous.

Should you wish to volunteer your services Paul would be pleased to discuss what kind of contribution you might make. (Paul can be contacted on 01253 500881 or by email:


Devonshire Road Rock Garden


Blackpool Civic Trust has been working with the Friends of the Rock Gardens to uncover and restore the impressive and extensive rock formations of the Devonshire Rock Gardens, which were opened in 1938 and are the highest point in the west Fylde.

At present volunteers are working hard on the Vista, where the original large rocks were obscured and sometimes buried beneath overgrown shrubs and the slow accumulation of soil.? The view across the Gardens with its two ponds and waterfalls is now much clearer and the attractive rocks in the Vista?s flowerbed are no longer hidden from sight.

The work of the volunteers builds upon a?larger project recently carried out by the Council to expose the rocks, especially around the ponds and interweaving footpaths, that had become badly overgrown.? This included the pruning and selective felling of trees that had obscured the views for which the Rock Gardens - the highest point of the west Fylde - were justly famous.

Chair of Blackpool Civic Trust, Joan Humble, said: ?We have an active group of volunteers. They have just completed the restoration of the seating and interior of a heritage ?boat? tram and have in a very short time made a real impact on this new and very different project.?

The Civic Trust always welcomes new members. For further information see our membership page.


Blackpool Civic Trust Devonshire Road Rock Gardens Project 2018

Blackpool Civic Trust Devonshire Road Rock Gardens Project 2018

Blackpool Civic Trust Devonshire Road Rock Gardens Project 2018

Blackpool Civic Trust Devonshire Road Rock Gardens Project 2018





Tram 227 Restoration Project

On Thursday 25th October 2018 open top 'boat' tram 227 was rolled out following restoration work in which Blackpool Civic Trust Volunteers played a part on the internals.

See more information in reports below.

Blackpool Civic Trust volunteers wave the banner

Boat tram 227 being 'launched' and naming ceremony Charlie Cairoli 25th Oct 2018

John Garnham of Blackpool Civic Trust being interviewed by Andy Mitchell of Radio Wave. Also Bryan Lindop head of Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours

Boat tram 227 being 'launched' and naming ceremony Charlie Cairoli 25th Oct 2018 by Charlie Cairoli Junior

Watson Road Blue Plaque


Watson Road Park Blue Plaque was unveiled by the Deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire John Barnett, attended by the Royal Signals Association, Blackpool, The Salvation Army, The Friends of Watson Park. 19th August 2018.

The plaque marks the site of the World War 1 practise trenches modelled on those of Loos, Flanders.

Watson Road Park Blue Plaque Blackpool

Tram Restoration Project May 2018 Update

by John Garnham

Along with the Tower, Winter Gardens, Illuminations, Circus, Three Piers and Pleasure Beach , Blackpool has its trams, and form a strong part of its image. To ride along a promenade in an open tram or have the visual or ride experience of an  illuminated one is now unique to Blackpool in the UK and rare worldwide. 
Late last year (2017) a group of Civic Trust members having cleared the Health and Safety induction at Blackpool Transport began working one of the remaining  "Boat" trams still here in Blackpool as part of the Civic Trust initiatives to support our heritage for the benefit of both residents and visitors.

A batch of 12 of these trams were built at Preston starting in 1934 and were extensively used for both trips along the promenade and for the popular "Circular Tour" which gave visitors a ride around the inland parts travelling  along Squires Gate Lane, Lytham Rd , Waterloo Rd, Whitegate Drive, Church St and back to base at Talbot Sq. The closure of the inland routes in the early sixties killed off this business and the need for these trams thus diminished and four were scrapped . Luckily as time moved on  others  spotted their tourist potential , four now residing in the USA. (two at San Francisco see video link). Only three remain in Blackpool and one is popular for rides at the National Tramway Museum  

Here in Blackpool riding a vintage tram is far more to many people than just getting from A to B, it's a heritage experience or a great way to just peruse the prom on a nice sunny day and we aim to help provide that opportunity.

 The tram we are working on is number 602, 227 in it's original numbering and the 1934 wiring has very recently been replaced by BTS staff. Being an open top  single decker with basic wooden seats you might think there would be little to do but removing the old lead based paint from the metal seat bases was just our starting point. Then it was primer painting and gloss painting and we  soon developed our own "production line" to suit peoples varying interests.
In parallel some of us have been removing paint from  wooden areas inside the tram ready for varnishing, and similarly treating the wooden seats themselves is a sizeable task as there are 26.

The project is proving to be a really enjoyable  team effort and once all reassembled and the detail fittings  sparkled  then I'm sure we will all feel a great sense of satisfaction as we see it re-launched into use this summer and branded as planned as the "Charlie Cairoli" tram. A small plaque inside the tram  will commemorate the Civic Trust Input another great way to advertise ourselves.

Blackpool Civic Trust Tram Project

Blackpool Civic Trust Tram Project

Blackpool Civic Trust Tram Project

Blackpool Civic Trust Tram Project

Blackpool Civic Trust Tram Project

Blackpool Civic Trust Tram Project

Blackpool Civic Trust Tram Project

Blackpool Civic Trust Tram Project

Blackpool Civic Trust Tram Project


Link to You Tube Video of San Francisco Blackpool Tram


Heritage Tram Restoration Project - October 2017 to now

Blackpool Civic Trust volunteers are working to help restore the heritage trams. Volunteers are welcome to join us on Monday and Wednesday between 9.30am and 4pm every week. Please contact us for details.

Blackpool Civic Trust Heritage Tram Project

Heritage Tram Component Project - August 2017 to now

The new project at Rigby Road to restore parts of vintage trams (not a whole tram) is now up and running. Blackpool Civic Trust volunteer, John Odenwalder, is seen here stripping down an old pantograph and preparing it for painting.

If you are  interested in learning more about the project or are thinking about volunteering please contact our Chair, Joan, for more information. Joan?s email address is:

The photographs were taken by another volunteer, Stan Harrison.

Blackpool Civic Trust - Heritage Tram Component project 2017

Blackpool Civic Trust - Heritage Tram Component project 2017

Blackpool Civic Trust - Heritage Tram Component project 2017


Proposed Conservation Area from Gynn Square to the Castle Casino - August 2017 to now


We are starting a very exciting project to create a new conservation area on both sides of the promenade from Gynn Square to the Castle Casino ( Genting Club). It will also include The Collonades from Gynn Square to the Metropole Hotel.


A meeting took place at the Savoy Hotel on 4th August at 10am. Over 20 people attended and a number of working parties are to be set up to assess the character of the area and any areas of special note whether positive or negative.

Joan Humble, our Chairman, is championing this activity and Jan Cresswell from Blackpool Council Heritage Department is advising and supporting.


Conservation Area in Blackpool launch meeting on 4th August 2017, Blackpool Civic Trust

Savoy Hotel north, the area of the proposed Conservation Area

The Collonades at North Shore, part of a proposed Conservation Area
The Big Conservation Conversation was launched by Civic Voice at the 2016 Annual Convention and AGM in Chester.  The concept of conservation areas was introduced in England, Wales and Scotland by the Civic Amenities Act 1967 through a private members bill led by Lord Duncan Sandys. Civic Voice now holds the annual Sandys Lecture in his name.

When conservation areas legislation was introduced there was widespread public concern over the pace of redevelopment in our historic towns and cities. Today there are over 10,000 conservation areas in the UK (approximately 9,300 in England, 500 in Wales, 650 in Scotland and 60 in Northern Ireland) reflecting the popularity of this legislative tool in identifying and protecting our most valued historic places.

Conservation area designation essentially controls the demolition of unlisted buildings over a certain size and works to protect trees, restricts permitted development rights on dwelling houses and tightens regulations on advertising. It also places a statutory duty on local planning authorities to pay special attention to preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of conservation areas while undertaking their planning duties.
In 2017 and with the support of Laura Sandys, the civic movement will be raising awareness of conservation areas.

Designating a conservation area should not be seen as an end in itself: we live in a changing world and for the historic environment to survive and continue to be cherished it needs to be positively managed. We want communities across the country to come together and say "My Conservation Area Matters".




Completing the Imperial Hotel Turkish Bath Burmantofts Tiles Project


Two photos taken on 23rd August 2017 marking the successful conclusion of a three-year long project at the Imperial Hotel.

The project's goal was to expose and clean the famous Burmantofts tiles in the former Turkish Baths, specifically, the 'hot' room and adjoining wall in the 'cooling room'. Having achieved this goal, Blackpool Civic Trust volunteers went further and removed most of the thick plaster in all three former Turkish Baths.

Mission accomplished!

Blackpool Civic Trust complete the Imperial Hotel Turkish Baths Project 23rd August 2017


Blackpool Civic Trust complete the Imperial Hotel Turkish Baths Project 23rd August 2017


Jan 2017: Imperial Hotel Turkish Bath tiles and floor continues from 2014

January 2017: This week we completed a section of the ceiling in the 'cooling room' and have now begun ?steaming? and stripping one of the big beams running the entire length of the room (approximately 20 feet). This is beautifully decorated and it seems extraordinary that anyone could have decided to conceal its beauty under a coat of paint! While two members of the team have been working on the ceiling, others, including our new volunteers, have been doing equally important work, removing thick plaster from tiles and from the superb, highly ornate friezes decorating three of the four walls. In addition, we have been stripping paint from fluted columns, tiled doorways and other decorative features.

Imperial Hotel Turkish Baths Project - Blackpool Civic Trust - 2017


Listed Building Condition Survey Training

Blackpool Civic Trust are engaging on a new project to undertake condition surveys on the Grade II Listed Buildings in Blackpool and follow that up with the 300 Locally Listed Buildings. Some us went to training course last week and we are having a follow up practice session on the Chapel at Layton Cemetery on Tuesday 25th October. Here is the group on the first day.

Listed Building Survey Training, Blackpool Civic Trust


Imperial Hotel Turkish Bath tiles and floor continues from 2014

Civic Trust volunteers have now finished uncovering and cleaning all the tiles, including those on the ceiling, in one room of the Turkish Bath. We have carefully removed part of the thick asphalt floor that was laid down at the same time the Burmantofts wall tiles were plastered over or in some case painted. There are signs of damage to the original mosaic floor underneath the asphalt, but we hope that this will not prove to be extensive. 

The photographs were taken immediately after the asphalt was removed and prior to cleaning.

Imperial Hotel Turkish Baths tiles project

Imperial Hotel Turkish Baths tiles project

North Shore Promenade Shelter Smartening

North Shore Promenade Shelter

Launch 28th July 2016, Blackpool Civic Trust are undertaking another project this time we are going to be doing work on two of the Grade II Listed Tram Shelters the first shelter to be done is the one opposite Sandhurst Avenue.  Both the Tram Shelters are single ones.

The work to be done will include wire brushing corroded areas, sanding woodwork, priming were necessary, undercoating and glossing, all the paint will be provided by Blackpool Council.  

At the moment we are just getting names of people who are interested once we have names etc we will then be able to proceed in sorting out dates and times.


Imperial Hotel Turkish Bath Restoration

Our work continues on the project listed in 2015 to uncover and expose the tiles in the former Turkish Baths in the Imperial Hotel. In 1901 a suite of Russian, Turkish and seawater plunge baths were built in the basement of the former wing of the hotel. The Turkish baths disappeared during major refurbishments in the 1960s.

We are very pleased to work with the Imperial Hotel and Mr Andrew Gladwell to reveal this part of Blackpool's heritage containing tiles from the famous Burmantoft Pottery in Leeds.Visit by the Blackpool Museum Team to the Imperial Hotel Turkish Baths project.  Blackpool Civic Trust

War Memorial Project

Several people, including members of Blackpool Civic Trust, have investigated and listed on-line the war memorials in Blackpool.

War Memorials Online is an opportunity for the public to upload images of war memorials and log concerns for their conservation for future generations.

Blackpool are the first group nationally to survey all local war memorials as part of the First World War Memorials Programme. Read more about it by clicking the link below.

Link to War Memorial page

War Memorial investigation Blackpool



Film Restoration Project

November 2015

Blackpool Civic Trust joins with Blackpool Council on an exciting project to clean and restore four old reels of film of historical interest. The films record the speeches of past mayors of Blackpool and were found by chance buried in the basement of the Town Hall. They have now been sent away for restoration by specialists.

Photograph of Joan Humble of Blackpool Civic Trust and Carl Carrington of Blackpool Council:

Film Restoration Project, Blackpool Council and Blackpool Civic Trust, November2015


Blue Plaque for Marton Windmill and Oxford Hotel

19th November 2015

Joan Humble, Chair of Blackpool Civic Trust, joined the Mayor of Blackpool, Councillor Peter Callow, to formally unveil a new Blue Heritage Plaque that celebrates the history of the area.

Mrs Humble commented, I am very pleased that the Mayor agreed to unveil this new Blue Plaque. When Aldi first announced that they were proposing to knock down the Oxford Hotel and the Sofa Bed store to create a new Aldi, I contacted their architect and discussed how best we could record the importance of Oxford Square. Over many months of talks with Blackpool Council, local historians and also local residents we decided on a Blue Plaque and also history boards to display information about the site. I hope that many people will take the time to look at the plaque and the details on the two boards and celebrate the importance of this area to the development of Blackpool.

Below L-R: The Mayor, Cllr Peter Callow; Chair of Civic Trust, Joan Humble; 2 Aldi Staff, Barry McQueen:

Blue Plaque for Marton Windmill and Oxford Hotel

Below L-R: Barry McQueen, The Mayor, Cllr Peter Callow; Chair of Civic Trust, Joan Humble:

Blue Plaque for Marton Windmill and Oxford Hotel

Blue Plaque and history board

Blue Plaque for Marton Windmill and Oxford Hotel

Assets of Community Value

Blackpool Civic Trust are working with local bodies and the council to register Assets of Community Value which gives some protection to local buildings. Blackpool Winter Gardens and Little Marton Windmill have both been added in November 2015.

Blackpool Winter Gardens

Address:97 Church Street
Postcode:FY1 1HL
Asset Owner:Blackpool Council

Listing date:2 November 2015

Nominated by:Blackpool Civic Trust

Blackpool Winter Gardens?


Little Marton Mill

Address:Preston New Road, Blackpool

Postcode:FY4 4QX

Asset owner:Blackpool Council

Listing date:9 November 2015

Nominated by:Blackpool Civic Trust

Little Marton Windmill


Asset of Community Value - Old Comrades Club

Blackpool Civic Trust worked with representatives of the Comrades Club to submit an application to register it as an Asset of Community Value. We had previously worked with the Council to register it as a Locally Listed Building. This new registration provides more protection for the building if developers purchase it. We were pleased when this first application by the Civic Trust was accepted by the Council and we intend to have a wider project to look at registering many more ACVs.

Tim Pipe, Joan Humble (Chair of Blackpool Civic Trust), Freddie Gick (Chair of Civic Voice) and Steve Greenwood. Tim and Steve are from the Comrades Club

Comrades Club Asset of Community Value

Blue Plaque - Little Marton Windmill

Blackpool Civic Trust worked with Blackpool Council and the Friends of Little Marton Windmill to fund and erect a blue plaque on on the windmill in March 2015.


Imperial Hotel Turkish Bath Recovery

Members of Blackpool Civic Trust have joined in a project to uncover and expose the tiles in the former Turkish Baths in the Imperial Hotel. In 1901 a suite of Russian, Turkish and seawater plunge baths were built in the basement of the former wing of the hotel. The Turkish baths disappeared during major refurbishments in the 1960s.

Joan Humble, Chair of Blackpool Trust, joined other Civic Trust members to uncover the baths. She commented After nearly 60 years it is wonderful to see something of the former Turkish Baths reappearing once again. We are very pleased to work with the Imperial Hotel and Mr Andrew Gladwell to reveal this part of Blackpool's heritage. After just two days work we can see some of the amazing glazed tiles produced by the famous Burmantoft Pottery in Leeds. I must thank those who helped and the Civic Trust hopes to continue working with the Imperial to reveal even more of this part of its past.

The Imperial was open for tours on Thursday as part of Blackpool's Heritage Open Days and over 70 people who registered for the tour were lucky enough to be the first members of the public to see the discovery.

Alison Gilmore, General Manager, said I'm thrilled at the discovery of the tiles and can't wait to see the development over the next few weeks. Thanks so much to the support and enthusiasm of Blackpool Civic Trust and Blackpool Heritage who've been getting down and dirty in our Turkish baths.

Imperial Hotel Blackpool Turkish Bath recovery

Imperial Hotel Blackpool Turkish Bath recovery

In November 2014 we discovered a new kind of tile:

Blackpool Civic Trust at the Imperial Hotel Blackpool

The Fylde Exhibition - May 2014

The Fylde Exhibition in the Fylde Gallery at Booths in Lytham was opened on Wednesday 28th May with the Chairman of Civic Voice, Freddie Gick, The Mayor of Fylde, the Deputy Mayor of Blackpool and the Deputy Mayor of Wyre. A joint exercise by the Blackpool, Fleetwood and Lytham St Anne's Civic Societies it contains photographs of significant architecture along the Fylde Coast. It is open to the public with free entry until 4th July 2014.

Blackpool Civic Trust

Cleaning the Town Hall Silver

The Civic Trust team cleaned the Town Hall silver.



Blue Plaque Audit

This year we have undertaken an audit of our Blue Plaques. This has included visiting each one, taking an up to date photograph and assessing its condition.

We have added the photos to the website and are reviewing the plaques to determine whether any need replacing or repair. This includes those that are missing after building work.

Blackpool Municipal Airport Blue Plaque.  This airport is now the Zoo.


Blackpool Civic Week: Street Party, 2nd July 2011

In 2011 a national Civic Day was inaugurated by Civic Voice, the national body for Civic Societies. It was decided that Blackpool would hold a Civic Week with a Street Party on the Civic Day. The success of this format was acknowledged when Blackpool Civic Trust were invited to present their experience at the launch day of the 2013 Civic Day.

This launch was held at Westminster and along with representatives of Civic Societies from all over the UK was attended by the All Party Group for Civic Societies and the guest of honour, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government: Eric Pickles MP.

In 2011 after a week of events the party was held on a hot summer day. Blackpool came out in force to attend the Blackpool Civic Trust Street Party. It is estimated that 2,000 people were in St John's Square at one point. There was music from the Sixth Form College and displays and stands from other local societies, businesses and clubs. A Blackpool Corporation bus of 1960's vintage and guided tours of the Winter Gardens. A big success!

Below Elaine, the then Chairman, and Chris Norton, the then Secretary of the Blackpool Civic Trust survey the scene.


The Blackpool Civic Trust stand with helpers.


The Blackpool Town Crier, Barry McQueen.


Blackpool Sixth Form College music

Local Community Stands

Local Business Stands

In 2012 the party moved indoors to the Winter Gardens due to the weather. It has continued indoors and the 2013 Indoor Street Party is reported on our site.

Click here to read about it.


Cocker Tower on Stanley Park

Cocker Tower on Stanley Park

We got funding to put a banner/board at the bottom of the stairs to show the history of the Tower when the door is open.  At the top of the stairs we have had put descriptive boards under each of the windows so that people can pick out the view (e.g. that pointed thing sticking up over there is the Tower!).

2008 - Foundation Stones at Rothwell Hall

One of our popular projects last year was the renovation of the foundation stones on the newly renovated Rothwell Hall at the Unitarian Church, Lytham Road.

More projects are in the pipeline for 2009

2007 - Heritage and Conservation Trails - Stanley Park

Our main project completed in 2007 was the Heritage and Conservation Trails in Stanley Park. Funding was gained from a variety of sources, the Trail Markers were designed by the pupils at Holy Family Primary School and the trails were officially opened by the Mayor on the 23rd June.

Pupils of Holy Family Primary School

These Trail brochures may be obtained free of charge from the Stanley Park Visitor Centre to enable you to have two very interesting (and different) walks in the park.

2006 - George Wragge Stained Glass Window - Town Hall

A George Wragge stained glass window in Blackpool Town Hall shows images based on Blackpool's 19th-century maritime heritage.

The window had previously been painted over, and since neglected. Blackpool Civic Trust was awarded ?31,600 by the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore the George Wragge window. The project also involved stained glass workshops, volunteer led tours of the Town Hall, and a photographic exhibition created by local college students.

Blackpool Town Hall window

Blackpool Town Hall George Wragge Window

Amongst other PROJECTS undertaken by the Blackpool Civic Trust are:

The renovation of;

the Foundation Stone at the Salvation Army Citadel.
the Freeman of the Town Scrolls in the Town Hall.

The naming of Mawson Drive in Stanley Park.

The refurbishment of;

the Central Library stained glass window over the main entrance.
the Dreadnought Tram (later sent to Crich Tram Museum).
the original Mayor's Chair in the Town Hall.

The placing of;

a memorial stone on the site of Foulds Farm Marton.
milestones around the town (Poulton Rd and Squires Gate Lane).
the name 'Town Hall' over the Town Hall doorway.

The protecting of the stained glass window at St John's Church Blackpool.

The cleaning and labelling of the silverware and cut-glass in the Town Hall.

The planting of trees and bulbs in Stanley Park.

Photo of Blackpool Central Library Stained Glass Window.

Blackpool Library Stained Glass Window

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