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Blackpool Heritage Trams

Blackpool Heritage Trams are continuing their successful service in 2017 with a new expanded programme.

Blackpool Heritage Tram Tour Stops

2017 Winter Heritage Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours

Blackpool Trams 130th Celebration Weekend.

See the Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours Website for details.

Photo: Boat Tram Sunday 5th May 2013 at Uncle Tom's Cabin, Blackpool. Riding the open top trams along the Blackpool prom is a special treat:

Blackpool Boat Tram May 2013

Photo: Blackpool Illuminations Tram Tour in the Western train alongside Blackpool Heritage Tour Tram.

Blackpool Illuminations Tour Tram

Heritage Tram Stops

The Heritage Trams ran from the special green circle stops on the prom on selected dates as above.

The stops are located at;

- Pleasure Beach (tram loop)
- North Pier / Tower
- Uncle Tom's Cabin
- Bispham
- Cleveleys
- Fleetwood Pharos
- Fleetwood Ferry.

Three Blackpool Trams, the old and the new.

Blackpool Trams the old and the new

Princess Alice, open top double decker, next to Blackpool & Fleetwood Electric Tramroad on the Blackpool Pleasure Beach loop. Easter 2013.

Blackpool Heritage Trams on the Pleasure Beach Loop.

Some of the old trams have been modified to operate on the new tram system and have wider doors. These are known as the B fleet. In addition to the unmodified old trams there will be B fleet trams running the Heritage Service during May Public Holidays. This is the first time these trams have been in public use.

A Blackpool Heritage Tram stop.

Blackpool Heritage Tram Stop

Below a 'Balloon' tram of the Blackpool Heritage Fleet looking very smart at Easter 2013.

Blackpool Heritage Tram Stop

Keep up to date with Blackpool Heritage Trams on their website.

Please note that operation of the service is by Blackpool Transport and we have attempted to gather the best information we can. We cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this page. Also sometimes changes are made during the day of operation to adapt to circumstances. Please go to the website shown above or the Tourist Information office to obtain up to date information.

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