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Make Christmas Happy for a child in Blackpool

Bring a present to our next meeting on 19th November at the Town Hall, 7pm.

MAKING CHRISTMAS HAPPY FOR BLACKPOOL FAMILIES:  The deadline is Monday 10th December 2012.

 Notice from Blackpool Council:
Blackpool is home to some of the most deprived families in the country with around 35% living in poverty. For children and young people living in these families, Christmas is unlikely to be any different than any other day with family issues and problems associated with their difficult family life still occupying their time.
The Council has adopted tackling child poverty as a key priority and wants to work with all sections of the community to try and make a difference to the lives of these children.
In 2011, Blackpool Council launched its inaugural Christmas-time campaign, to distribute donated gifts to children and young people in need all across Blackpool. In total, over 1300 children and young people received a generous Christmas present last year, thanks to the efforts of residents, local businesses, schools and many other supporters.
The feedback received showed everyone’s efforts were very much appreciated, and Councillors resolved that we should continue to show our support for the most vulnerable families in Blackpool. As a result, the Council will run its ‘Give a Little’ campaign again this year.
What are we inviting people to do?
We are asking people to buy an extra gift this Christmas and donate it to a child or young person aged from birth to 19 years old in Blackpool.
We would love to receive:
In all cases, the gifts should be new and in their original, unopened packaging.
We are asking people to deliver presents unwrapped, so we can allocate suitable gifts to the recipient.  We will provide gift wrapping along with the gift so it can be wrapped up once delivered!
We are sorry but we won’t be able to use:
There will be drop-off points at all main Council buildings and the Gazette offices from mid November. Please see the Council’s website for for more details.
Cash donations can also be made:
What about other festive appeals?
The Council is acting as a co-ordinator bringing together collective effort for the greatest impact under the umbrella of Give a little…help a lot…
Where festive appeals are already running, we are working with those organisations or churches to offer logistical support, and help in ensuring their gifts and donations reach children and young people who really need them.
We are publicising other campaigns alongside our own – please get in touch if you would like us to include details of your own festive fundraising activities or appeal.
If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Stafford on or 07584 384928.
More information about the campaign can also be found online at