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A collection of information for the enjoyment of Blackpool and its heritage. At this moment thanks to YouTube.


Blackpool Civic Trust interviewed by BBC Radio Lancashire

23rd January 2010. BBC Radio Lancashire, Saturday Breakfast Show. Talking about 1975 when the trust was formed. The BBC's Maria Felix Vas with original Blackpool Civic Trust member David Owen, the Chairman Elaine Smith and new member Anthony Wilson.




Blackpool Civic Trust Restoration at the Devonshire Road Rock Gardens


Mr Teasy Weasy - Celebrity Hairdresser comes to Blackpool in the 60s. Heritage Film of Blackpool

We've been advised of this video by Andrew Walmsley.

According to Wikipedia:

Raymond Bessone(11 May 1911 - 17 April 1992), known as Mr Teasy-Weasy, Teasie Weasie Raymond and various combinations of these, was a British hairdresser from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Bessone was the first hairdresser to appear on television, and had his own show at Saturday teatime. Regarded as Britain's first celebrity hairdresser, he cultivated a faux French accent and a camp manner. Bessone liked to pace around his salon and, if a customer approached him, he would then exclaim with exasperation, "Madam, can you not see that I am meditating". His salon was replete with gilt mirrors, chandeliers, and champagne fountains.

Bessone was flown to the United States in 1956, by Diana Dors, for a shampoo and set that caused media controversy. A house could be bought, in those days, for the ?2,500 cost.

In 1957 Bessone launched the Shangri-La style, based on "the four principles of colour, line, youth and softness" and inspired by his view of Swiss mountain peaks after being knocked-out in a skiing accident.

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Blackpool Victoria Pier 1904

A video from the British Film Institute, licensed from ITV with modern narrative.


Re-Building North Pier Theatre 1939

A time lapse video.


Blackpool Heritage Trail

Blackpool Trams 1960's



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