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Blackpool War Memorials

Several people, including members of Blackpool Civic Trust, have investigated and listed on line the war memorials in Blackpool.

War Memorials Online is an opportunity for the public to upload images of war memorials and log concerns for their conservation for future generations.

Blackpool are the first group nationally to survey all local war memorials as part of the First World War Memorials Programme, see below 29th February 2016.

Click here to go the on-line list containing more details.

Blackpool Cenotaph

Below are some 80 memorials in Blackpool of several types as extracted from the list. Cenotaph, plaques, rolls of honour, photographs, stones, tablets, arboretum, bells, flags.

Blackpool Grammar School, WW1 plaque.

Blackpool Grammar School Book of Remembrance.

Blackpool Grammar School WW1 window.

Blackpool Central Police Station memorial of police officers WW1.

Blackpool County Borough Police Force memorial.

Blackpool Old Contemptibles plaque.

Blackpool Co-operative Society tablet, Fylde Memorial Arboretum.

Blackpool Tabernacle WW1 stone

Blackpool Tabernacle Remembrance Album.

Blackpool Tabernacle Memorial Window.

Blackpool Railwaymen and women plaques, North Station.

Blackpool Regiment memorial, St John's.

Blackpool Grammar School WW2 memorial.

Blackpool War Memorial, Princess Parade. Grade II listed.

Blackpool Masonic Club roll of honour.

St Josephs College memorial now in English Martyrs Poulton Le Fylde.

Burma Star memorial, St John's

Royal Naval Association, St John's.

County Borough of Blackpool Roll of Honour, Town Hall.

Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Chapel.

Nathan Neville Levene stone, United Hebrew Synagogue.

Lt A.V.Smith VC, St John's.

The Hartley Thanks Offering Window, St John's.

All Hallows Church Bells dedicatory plaque.

Garden of Remembrance, Stanley Park.

Gunner J.J.Clitheroe plaque, St John's.

Polish Airmen, St John's.

Roll of Honour, St John's.

St John's Church WW1 altar screen.

137th Field Regiment Royal Artillery, St Johns.

Polish Airmen Memorial, Layton Cemetery.

Palatine School WW2 (not found)

Layton WW1 Cross of Sacrifice, Layton Cemetery.

Alexandra Road Congregational Chrrch Roll of Honour.

Loyal North Lancashire Regimental Flag, St John's.

Royal Air Force Comrades plaque, St John's.

The Navy League Sea Cadets flag and plaque, St John's.

St John's Sunday School, memorial tablet.

HMS Penelope, St John's.

Africa Star Association, St John's.

Far East Campaign, St John's.

Alexandra Congregational Church WW2, board.

Fish Brothers, Bolton Street, tablet.

Lt Stanley Boughey VC, plaque.

Baines School tablet.

Pilot Officer Roy Whalley, RAF, decorative panel, Holy Cross Church.

St Stephen's on the Cliffs, Standard.

St Stephens on the Cliffs, WW2 memorial

St Stephens on the Cliffs, Stained Glass Window

Fylde Memorial Arboretum, Woodland.

2nd Lt J Schofield VC, Arnold School.

Bispham United Reform Church stone slab.

Burma Star Hohima Memorial, was in Winter Gardens.

Rawcliffe Street Wesleyan Methodist Church memorial now in Highfield Methodist Church.

Waterloo Road Methodist Mission Roll of Honour.

Private W.R.Noble, photograph, Waterloo Road Methodist Mission.

St Pauls Church Cross, in memory of Marton Men.

St Mary's Church and Sunday School, wooden plaque.

Flt Lt Thomas James Pye, plaque St Pauls Chruch.

Central Methodist Church Roll of Honour.

James Halstead, plaque. St Christophers Church.

St John Vianney Parish plaque.

Alexandra Congregational Church WW2 plaque.

Crossland Road Mission Roll of Honour.

Marton Methodist Church, memorial.

St Anderws Mission Church, panel.

Waterloo Road School, Stained Glass Windows WW1.

Arnold School Combined Cadet Forces, panel.

Christchurch Stained Glass Memorial.

St Andrews School, stone panel.

Members of St Andrews Church who fell WW2.

Triptych Memorial Christchurch, wooden panel.

St Peter's Church, Wooden Roll of Honour.

St Peter's Church, photo framed roll of honour.

Sgt N Coupe, Witch Wood, bench seat.

Holy Trinity Parish Church roll of honour.

'Blackpool councillors congratulate local volunteers for success on government funded programme'

29th February 2016

Blackpool are the first group nationally to survey all local war memorials as part of the First World War Memorials Programme.

Councillor David Owen met with volunteers from the First World War Memorials Programme to congratulate them on their hard work and dedication. The meeting arose after Blackpool Civic Trust became the first group nationally to survey all of their local war memorials.

Gathering at Sacred Heart Church on Talbot Road, Councillor David Owen was given a short induction into the condition survey process.

Cllr David Owen, Councillor for Victoria Ward, said "As Blackpool Civic Trust's founding secretary and a Vice-President I am so proud to be able to congratulate the volunteers for all of their hard work on this vital programme"

Joan Humble, Chair of Blackpool Civic Trust, enthused "We are pleased to be the first group to survey all of our war memorials. Whilst not an easy task we were more than happy to undertake it. Being able to share in the success with the local representatives and discover the ways in which the project can move forward is particularly exciting.

I want to pay special thanks to Mike Coyle who has spent many years identifying Blackpool's war memorials. Mike is a member of Blackpool Civic Trust and also the War Memorials Trust. His advice and the training we received through Civic Voice were invaluable"


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