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Gallery of Blue Plaques in Blackpool: S to Z

Below is a list of Blue Plaques beginning with S to Z which includes the Green Plaque.

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Swallow Sidecars at The Armfield Club, Bloomfield Road

10th January 2023

Blackpool Blue Plaques, Swallow Sidecars, The Armfield Club 10th January 2023

Saddle Inn

286 Whitegate Drive. The present building dates back to 1776.

Salisbury Woodland Pill Box

Woodland Drive leading to the Zoo. In the woodland.

Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

Whinney Heys Lane, near Victoria Hospital roundabout.

Solaris Centre

South Promenade.

Squires Gate Aerodrome

Squires Gate Lane.


St John's National School

Church Street almost across from the Syndicate.

St Nicholas's School,

Michael Smith - Nobel Prize winner

School Road, near Common Edge Road.

St Stephens on the Cliffs

Holmfield Road / St Stephens Avenue, North Shore. Just back from the promenade.

Stanley Park Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre. At the end of Stanley Park's Mawson Drive off West Park Drive.


Frank Swift


The plaque is at Revoe Library and was unveiled on the 6th Sept 2018. Sponsored by the Professional Footballers' Association.

Frank Swift Blue Plaque


Temple of Arts

Temple Street off Church Street. Now Bella Italia.

The Palace (Alhambra)

The plaque is missing.

Town Hall

Talbot Square.

Victoria Promenade

The plaque is missing.

War Memorial

The revised Blackpool War Memorial Blue Plaque, 12th December 2023

The revised Blackpool War Memorial Blue Plaque, 12th December 2023    Blackpool Civic Trust

Old Blue Plaque

The old Blue Plaque replaced December 2023 to reflect that Blackpool War Memorial is now Grade 2* listed

Watson Road Park

Watson Road Park Blue Plaque Blackpool

Winter Gardens

Church Street, inside the building.

Birthplace of Swallow Sidecars

23 King Edward Street, North Shore, Blackpool. William Walmsley was building sidecars in the garage of number 23 which is now the Berwick Hotel.


Swallow sidecar blue plaque



Blackpool Heritage Trust

Swallow Side Car & Coach Building Company

Cocker Street, North Shore

Blackpool Civic Trust, Blue Plaque


British Music Hall Society, April 2024

approved by Historic England.

Victoria Monks, 24 Elizabeth Street.


Blue Plaque - Victoria Monks, Music Hall Performer - British Music Hall Society April 2024

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