Blackpool Civic Trust

Favourite things in Blackpool

August 2009

The Blackpool Civic Trust asked each of its members to provide their favourite 10 things about Blackpool. These could be buildings, places or impressions.

A wide range of replies came in which make enjoyable reading and raise awareness of the variety and heritage of Blackpool.  See if you agree with our list. Let us know.

Those with more than one vote.

In order of most votes first:

1. Stanley Park including votes for:
Art Deco Café building
Visitor Centre
Italian Gardens
Picnic Area by the Lake Bridge
Cocker Tower
Nature trail around the Lake
Sports facilities

Stanley Park Lake 2011

2. Tower including votes for:
Panoramic views from the top
Tower Lounge
Tower Circus
Chandeliers in the ballroom

3. The Three Piers including votes for:
North Pier
North Pier view looking North
Jetty fishing
Merrie England Bar
Pier arcades
South Pier 2p slot machines
South Pier view looking North
North Pier Theatre

4. Pleasure Beach including votes for:
Noah’s Ark
Sir Hyram Maxim’s Fly Mach.
Big One at night
Casino building
White Tower Restaurant
Water Fountains
The Big One


5. Grand Theatre including votes for:
Upper Circle Bar

6. Promenade including votes for:
New sweeping steps
Landscaped gardens opposite the Savoy
Upper Prom.between Gynn & Bispham
Middle-Prom colonnades between the Metropole and the Gynn
North Promenade walks
Regeneration of Promenade
New South Promenade
The New Headlands

7. Winter Gardens including votes for:
Opera House
Chandeliers in the ballroom
Arch facing Victoria Street

8. Town Hall including votes for:
Municipal building
Staircase window

9. Illuminations including votes for:
Beaverbrooks Illuminations
Chandelier Illuminations

10. Trams including votes for:
Toastrack Tram
Vintage trams

Tram 715, partly owned by Blackpool Civic Trust

11. Central Library

12. The Beach including votes for:
Beach at Starr Gate
Miles of Beautiful golden sand

13. Solaris Centre

14. Mirror Ball

15. Marton Mere
At sunset or sunrise
De Vere & Tower view

Marton Mere

16. Zoo
Hanger no. 3
Big cats

17. Grundy Art Gallery

18. Blackpool Football Ground

19. Bancroft Park

20. Airport
Terminal Building

21. Birley Street with Brilliance Lights

22. De Vere Hotel
De Vere walking circuit

23. The Promenade artwork
The whale seat

24. Anchorsholme Park

25. Marton Moss

26. Blackpool Model Village & Gardens

27. Funny Girls

28. Number 3 Pub

29. Blackpool Civic Trust

30. Cenotaph

31. Houndshill
New Debenham’s Store

32. St John’s Precinct

Those with one vote in no order:

M55 Helter skelter sculpture
Imperial Hotel - Sunset over the sea
Highfield Methodist Church
St Cuthberts RC Church
Blackpool Transport Offices
Luton Road (east of North Drive)
Louis Horrocks Park
BLESMA grounds
Highfield Park
Talbot Square
Watson Rd Park
Kwizeen Restaurant
Salvation Army Citadel
The Miners Home
The Choir Loft
The Houndshill Photo Gallery
Blackpool Cricket Club
Gynn Gardens
Salisbury Woodland
Number One South Beach
Royal Carlton Hotel (Central Prom.)
Row of Art Deco Hotels Clifton Drive
Talbot Rd Bus Station
Clover Leaf Garage
Belle Vue Garage
West Coast Rock Café
Palma Chippy, Central Drive
Whitegate Drive
Lifeboat House
Tree lined Fleetwood Rd
Waterloo Hotel (in need of restoration)
The view over the Bleasdale Fells
North Park Drive
Cliffs Hotel building, North Shore
Savoy Hotel building, North Shore
Great Marton Windmill
Victoria Hospital
Westcliffe Drive Layton
Annesley Avenue’s traffic management scheme
Tree lined Devonshire Rd from Mossom Lane to Bispham Village
Rock Gardens
View of the Cenotaph, Metropole & North Pier from the Central Travelodge lounge

Abstract ideas

Favourite things in Blackpool brought out some abstract thoughts. The best being from Cllr Lily Henderson MBE:

The smell of the sea when facing it as the tide comes in
The sound of people laughing and enjoying the feel of our town because they are not as lucky as we who can experience it all year round.

Walking up South Park Drive towards the hospital and looking at the beautiful trees.

Looking at old pictures of Blackpool and realising what magnificent people envisaged Blackpool’s future.

Remembering the stories Mrs Thompson told of the days when her father arrived here and the magnificent empire the family built in their beloved Blackpool.

Visiting Blackpool schools and seeing the amazing talent therein.

Entering the Town Hall and seeing Victoria in all her glory and realising that whilst loving the ‘kiss me quick’ and Blackpool rock we still have a great heritage.

Memories of coming on holiday from Sheffield as a child.


Other Abstract thoughts are:

Invigorating walk along the Promenade and the smell of the sea.
Memories of childhood
The sound of donkey bells

The people
Having fun

A good sea breeze
Mookey the Clown

Memories of Harrowside pool

Memories of the old Golden Mile

Watching young families walk along the Prom – always eating something
Glamorous Dance festivals with all the International competitors walking around town
Christmas with the Salvation Army band playing in town
Hussle & bussle of the town with its unusual events.
Watching the wild sea in winter and feeling safe on shore.
Street entertainment like Showzam & the Town Cryers.
Blackpool is always cheerful never mind the weather.

Building Sand castles
Kiss me Quick hats

Climate better than most places
Fish & Chips
Variety of people
Buzz of atmosphere

Cycling from Starr Gate to North of the South Pier passing families, roller skaters and other cyclists.

Cycle along the Prom. to Cleveleys taking in the northern view when passing Norbreck Castle.

On the bottom walk of the Prom. discover the Hole in the Wall Café with tables and chairs outside (very continental!)

Swimming in the sea at Starr Gate

Just being here!



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