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Blackpool Seaside Memorabilia - Index and Introduction

Blackpool Civic Trust hold a collection of Blackpool Seaside Memorabilia. This page holds the index and the pages after it a photographic display of the collection.

Item 34 Small Ornamental 'Salver'

Blackpool Civic Trust Seaside Memorabilia Collection


Blackpool Civic Trust Seaside Memorabilia - Introduction

Collecting heraldic porcelain miniatures or 'crested china' was something of a national pastime especially in late Victorian and Edwardian times. A visit to a seaside resort provided the perfect opportunity to add to one's collection and what better place than Blackpool to find something memorable.

Blackpool Civic Trust's collection of mainly seaside memorabilia was built-up largely through the efforts of earlier Executive Committees, as well as by the generosity of many individual donors, who recognised the heritage importance of the artefacts to Blackpool's story and took steps to preserve them (see below for known donors).

The pottery firm W.H. Goss of Stoke-on-Trent began manufacturing crested china in the 1880s and many examples of their seaside ornaments are featured in the following pages. Other well-know British manufacturers whose products are to be found in the collection include Florentine, Grafton and Willow Art. There are several examples of ornaments made by European manufacturers.


The Civic Trust collection provides an insight into what holiday-makers and visitors to Blackpool mostly fondly remembered about the resort, and what memories they wished to share with families and friends. Not surprisingly, it is Blackpool's famous attractions that proved the most appealing.

Some of those attractions are nationally listed. The Tower, which is the most popular subject, has a Grade 1 listing. Other listed buildings or structures include the Winter Gardens (Grade 11*) and North Pier (Grade II). There are also ornaments featuring the Great Wheel (1896-1928) and
Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which has its own individually listed attractions. In addition, there are a few interesting examples that depict historic scenes of Princess Parade and Talbot Square

These assorted artefacts, then, offer a colourful mini-narrative of Blackpool's much-loved seaside heritage.

Thanks to all those who made donations to the collection, including Pat Diminuentes, Tom Lowe, Barry Shaw, Elaine Smith, the late Joan Greenhalgh, the late Yvonne Greatorix and the late Tony Schofield. The Civic Trust would be delighted to hear from any donors whose names don't appear here, so they may be added.

Thanks to Barry Shaw for permission to use information from his article, 'Crested China Souvenirs', Heritage Blackpool, Issue 28, Winter ed., 2019.



Page 1 - Items 1 to 20


Item/Fig noDescriptionCondition/Comments
1Small vase with panoramic view of Tower & WheelFair/cracks inside rim
Fig 1aSmall vase detailSee above
2Small Tower with crude baseGood
3Teapot with 2 coat-of-armsGood
Fig 3aLancashire coat of armsSee above
4Imperial Hydopathetic Hotel porcelain cupFair plus/lettering starting to rub away
5 Glazed teapot - "Pleasure Beach"Good.
Fig 5aDetail showing coloured, mottled glaze See above
6 Doubled handed ornamental vase (?). "Busy Day at Blackpool"Good.
Fig 6aBack of vase above.See above
7Small jugGood minus/lettering starting to fade a little
8Small vase with view of Blackpool from seaFair/a little grubby & faded image
9Small bellGood minus/light colours starting to fade a little
10Simple decorative cupGood.
11Small ornamental object with figure Fair plus/"The God of Luck"
12Small decorative plate with 3 views of BlackpoolGood
Fig 12aDetail of above showing Gigantic WheelSee above
Fig 12bDetail of Fig 12 showing TowerSee above
13Miniature teapot in Wedgewood style Good minus/No chips but a little grubby. No maker's mark
Fig 13aOther side of teapot above showing some wear & tear
14Double-handed cupFair plus/Sound & intact but gilt details rubbing away
15Miniature watering-canFair
16Small rowing boatGood
Fig 16aDetail of aboveSee above
17Small model of 17th century jug (Kendal Museum). C1602Good minus/small chip in base
Fig 17aInscription on bottom of model jug aboveSee above
18Small double-handed tureen-style vesselFair/gilt and Town crest wearing away
Fig 18aReverse side of aboveGood minus/small chip in base
19Jug with image of the Great WheelFair plus
20Small pigFair/colours & gilt started to fade
Fig 20aFace-on shot of pig aboveFair


Page 2 - Items 21 to 40


Item/Fig noDescriptionCondition/Comments
21Miniature basketFair plus/good colours but gilt rubbing away
22Small cupFair/line running through coat-of-arms
23 Small ornament with sea motif - "Rough Sea at Blackpool" Good
24Small ornament with sea motif (compare with Item 23 above)Fair plus/undamaged but grubby
Fig 24aGroup shot of Items 23 & 24See comments above
25Miniature casket with hinged lid & inlaid glass imagePoor plus/discoloured gilt, loose bottom of casket, etc.
Fig 25aClose-up of top of casketFair minus/image still quite clear despite grimy borders
26Small Bee-HiveFair
27 Small ornament with sea motif - "Rough Sea at Blackpool" Fair minus/image still quite clear despite grimy borders
28 Miniature shoe, side viewGood
Fig 28a Miniature ShoeSee above
29 Small ornament with sea motif - "Storm at Blackpool"Good minus
30Coloured cupPoor/lettering not decipherable
31Miniature ornament with inscription on reverse sideFair plus
Fig 31aInscription on the above itemSee above
32Miniature ornament (jug) with same inscription as Item 31Good minus
Fig 32aInscription on the above itemSee above
33Glass with inlaid image of Gigantic WheelPoor/image is crumbling away under glass
34 Small ornamental "salver"Good minus
35Small candle-stick holderGood
36Medium size shoe with raised heel & buckleGood minus/very fine lines under glaze
Fig 36aFront of shoe aboveSee above
372 model Towers with more detailed basesSee individual entries below
38Larger model TowerGood
Fig 38aBack of larger model TowerGood/nice detail
39Smaller, slimmer model towerFair/cruder modelling and finish
40Miniature dish with integral standGood/overhead shot of inside showing Council coat of arms
Fig 40aShot from side of Item 40Good


Page 3 - Items 41 to 60



Item/Fig noDescriptionCondition/Comments
41Four-handled small vase (?)Fair/faded colours & legends
Fig 41aThree-Quarters shot of Item 41See above
42Jug with modelled face Good
Fig 42aThree-Quarters shot of 42, showing face See above
43Small columnFair
44Small Tower with panoramic view Poor/crack front of base
45Shoe with raised heel and panoramic viewGood/gilt started to rub away
Fig 45aFront of shoe See above
46Large cup with 2 views of Blackpool attractionsGood
Fig 46aOther side of cup showing Gigantic WheelAs above
47CupGood-/gilt around rim rubbing away
48Small vaseFair+/big blemish on one side
49Small ornament with lid in form of crabGood
Fig 49aOverhead shot of crabSee above
50Small Manx cat with coat of armsGood-/Floretine china
Fig 50aOther side of item 50 with legendGood-
Fig 50bCat face onSee above
51Small jug - A present from BlackpoolFair/poor original print quality
Fig 51aColoured side of jug aboveSee above
52Small, slim vase with small handlesFair
53Small pot/cauldron on 4 feetFair+/faded legends & colours
54Small 3-handle cupFair/small chips on rim, small marks
55Small shellGood/Grafton China
Fig 55aSmall shell - reverse sideSee above
56Miniature tureen with lidFair+/faded gilt details
Fig 56aLid of tureenSee above/grubby
57Miniature casket with 4 feetFair/made in Czechoslovakia
58Small round decorative ornament with lidGood
59Jug with image of Pleasure Beach, South ShoreGood
60Tall, slim vesselGood-/a few faint marks around rim


Page 4 - Items 61 to 80


Item/Fig noDescriptionCondition/Comments
61Miniature tapered hatGood-/a few faint marks around rim
62Miniature houseFair/crude original
63Small vaseFair+/minor chips
64Decorative cup with bird motifFront of cup Fair
65Miniature grandfather clockFair
66Small ornamental basketFair+
67Small rectangular jug with view of big WheelFair
68Small shoeFair
69Small top hat & umbrellaGood-
Fig 69aTop of item 69 See above
70Small shallow cup-shaped ornamentGood
Fig 70aInside of item 70See above
71Small ornament with lid with view of Tower & PromenadeGood
72Salt cellarGood
73Blackpool DonkeyFair-/reverse side has noticeable chip
Fig 73a Detail of donkey's saddle aboveFair+
74Small cat with blue ribbonGood-
75Small swanFair+/crude printing in original
76 Small "Giant Wheel"Good-/fading gilt detail
Fig76aBack of WheelGood
77Pepper potGood
78Miniature round bowl-shaped ornamentFair+
80Small, flat, shallow rectangular vaseGood/Tower, sea & boats
Fig 80aReverse side of vase aboveFair+/small chip on rim



Page 5 - Items 81 to 100


Item/Fig noDescriptionCondition/Comments
81Small vaseFair/crooked original image
82Small gypsy caravan (?)Fair
83Miniature serving dish (covered)Fair/faded coat-of-arms
84Small candle-stick holder with handleGood-/bit grubby
85Model of Mary Queen of Scots ChairGood-/Willow Art, China Longton
87Cup/mug, Blackpool from North PierGood-
88Formal chairGood-
89Small three-legged vaseGood
90Ornate dish with model pipe & pic of cherubs, bird & buildingFair+/kitsch
91Small lighthouseGood
92Model fireplace with patriotic legendFair+
93Rustic fence with marker bearing coat of armsFair+
94Small jug with panoramic view of Central PromenadeGood
Fig 94aDetail of item 94 aboveGood
95Miniature basket 2 angled feetGood-
96Large Tower with baseGood-
97Large teapot with view of Talbot SquareVery Good
Fig 97aDetail of above ItemSee above
98TeapotVery Good
99 Cheshire Cat - "Tim"Good
Fig 99a Reverse side of Cat with "Tim" inscribedGood
100Salt cellarFair+


Page 6 - Items 101 to 128


Item/Fig noDescriptionCondition/Comments
101Miniature vaseFair
102Small dish with lidFair/made in Czechoslavia
103 Basket with twin-handlesPoor
104Large Midland Railway Jug with handle Good/"Health, Pleasure, Glorious Sea"
Fig 104aDetail of item 104 Good/made in Derbyshire, "BB"
105Miniature frog-shaped ornamentFair/small blemishes
Fig 105aReverse side of item 105See above
106Miniature watering-canGood-/Willow Art, China Longton
107Book-shaped ornamentGood-
108Small vase held in sculpted handGood-/fading coat-of-arms
Fig 108aDetail of Item 108 showing handGood-
109Small letter-box with legendGood-
110Glass ornament with sealed print of Giant WheelFair/front of glass has numerous scratches, etc
111Sculptured Giant WheelGood-/needs gentle cleaning
112 Cup with mottled glazed surface - "Present from Blackpool"Fair/chip on rim
113Large decorative plate with gold ribbon inter-lacingVery Good/image of Pleasure Beach
Fig 113aBack of plateSee above
114Serving dish with integral cover (one moulding)Good-/near duplicate
115Small teapot with lid Fair/grubby, loose lid, coat-of-arms askew (maker's fault)
116Small, heavy ornament of unknown typeGood-
Fig 116aDetail of Item 116See above
117Blackpool Tower with proper baseFair
118Small, shallow curved dish with lidFair
Fig 118aDetail of Item 118Fair
119Miniature model of leather bottle, New Bury battle site, 1644Good/museum collection
120Silver spoon with handle bearing coat-of armsGood/hallmarked
Fig 120aDetail of handleSee above
121Medium-size scallop style plate with Giant Wheel, etc.Very Good/finely drawn images
122Miniature pitcher/jug, Princess Parade historic imageGood-
123 Basket with twin handles, "Rough Seas, Princess Parade"Good-
Fig 123aDetail of item 123, showing pic of rough seas Fair
124Model of Florence Nightingale statuePoor/missing lamp (?), uneven base
125Winter Gardens Empire Sweet Dish, Ltd edVery Good/1989
Fig 125aPresentation certificate re Item 125Good
126Small hinged case with metal embossed coat-of-armsPoor/brass/gold finish rubber away, surface damage
127Ornate metal spoon with enamel picture of donkey & performerFair
128Engraved Blackpool Tower Centenary spoon, 1894-1994Poor/damaged underside of spoon, gilt rubbed off handle


Page 6 Continued - Group photo of small ornaments

Item/Fig noDescriptionCondition/Comments
Group photo of small ornaments.Mixed condition, generally Fair - Good
129Small pitcher/jug
130Miniature storage jar
131Small pitcher/jug
132Medium-size, three-handle cup
133Two-handle cup
134Teapot shaped ornament with drainage holes in top
135Round vase
136Small three-handle cup
137Small cup
138Miniature jug
139Miniature cup/bowl with handle
No Photos of the items below 
140Medium -size box with of angel & hollyPoor/broken lid catch, badly marked, etc.
141Wooden unadorned money-box?Poor/broken lid catch, missing image on lid, very worn & marked
142Duplicate miniature vase with sea motifGood -
143Duplicate small column-type ornamentGood-
144Duplicate miniature vase with inscriptionFair/misaligned original printed inscription

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