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Blackpool Civic Trust Awards for 2010

Held on Thursday 19th January 2011


The annual awards ceremony was held at the St John's Conference Centre in Blackpool.

St John's Conference Centre Blackpool

St John's Conference Centre Main Room.

It was attended by Blackpool VIP's including The Worshipful the Mayor of Blackpool; Councillor Don Clapham and his wife, our Patron and Honorary Freeman of the Town: Jimmy Armfield CBE and Blackpool's two MP's: Gordon Marsden MP and Paul Maynard MP. Plus the heads of Blackpool organisations involved in town development and the architects, designers and developers and the award judges. With members of the Blackpool Civic Trust around 150 people.

Including the President of Blackpool Civic Trust - local historian Mr Barry Shaw.

Both of our Vice-Presidents - Cllr David Owen and Mr Martin Gunson. Two of our founder members 36 years ago next month who have remained loyal ever since.

This Annual Ceremony gives out a variety of prestigious and much sought after awards.

Mrs Elaine Smith MBE, Chairman, introduced the event and award winners were announced by Andy Mitchell of Radio Wave.

Joan and Elaine at the lecturn

Jean presenting Chairman Elaine with a bouquet

Andy Mitchell

Andy Mitchell of Radio Wave announced the winners

Mr Ian Harvey the Coordinator for Civic Voice which is the national body for the Civic Trusts was present.

Carl Carrington of Blackpool Civic Trust has been voted onto the Board of Trustees for Civic Voice.

We are also a member of the North West Association of Civic Trusts and Societies, our regional association. NWacts is one of the nine regional societies throughout the country.

Following the demise of the Civic Trust in London the torch for excellence in design has been taken up by Mr Malcolm Hankey, who formed a company to continue this important work alongside maintaining the 50 years of archives for the Civic Trust and also attended. He is also Managing Director of the National Civic Trust Awards.

The Shields given to schools for their work in the Environment were this year won by:

Junior Environmental Shield

The Junior Environmental Shield goes to Layton Primary School

Layton School has been awarded the Junior Environment Shield for its creative development of high quality sustainable outdoor space. The school has recently invested in new outdoor play equipment made of recycled plastics which was designed by the pupils. The school has initiated a programme of Outdoor Environment sessions where pupils work in family groups with a range of different ages planting and harvesting fruit and vegetables and in 2009 planted an orchard. The impact on the children has been enormously positive and participation levels have been high, peaking with the potato harvest, in which excited children forgot to gently dig up the potatoes from the sides of the raised beds and actually climbed in!

Presented by the Mayor Councillor Don Clapham

Layton Primary School Award

Senior Environmental Shield

The Senior School Shield this year goes to St Mary's Catholic College

St Mary's School has been awarded the Senior Environmental Shield for its commitment to environmental conservation and its widespread use of fair-trade products. The school has an Eco Club, which with the support of the staff has become the driving force behind an award winning programme of initiatives in reducing the schools carbon footprint through constant eco-auditing as well as use, promotion and sales of fair trade goods across the school. This programme of sustainable living activity has been an enormous success with pupils taking the eco message home to parents and wider family groups. This is an outstanding example of a school not just working to create a sustainable school environment, but to promote sustainable living outside school in the wider community.

Presented by the Mayor Councillor Don Clapham

St Mary's Catholic College Award

The BEAT award for 2010 goes to the Grow Blackpool project

In April 2010 Groundwork launched the Grow Blackpool project, with the aim of increasing the health and wellbeing of the residents of Blackpool through gardening and growing.
Groundwork worked alongside Blackpool Reassurance in engaging the local community around the Gorton St area and two local primary schools. The community came together every Tuesday to work on the North Park garden at Gorton St. In just a few months they have transformed an unused space into a community garden. They have planted a community orchard, vegetable beds, a new lawn and a butterfly friendly herbaceous border. The community garden has brought the local people out of their houses, enabling them to meet new friends, exercise as well as growing their own food.

Cllr Steve Houghton, Chairman of the Blackpool Environmental Action Team Board to present their own BEAT Award. This is not one given by us but we are delighted to welcome Steve.

To collect the Award on behalf of all involved in the project we have Mr Dennis Crooks.

BEAT Award


Community Award

This award goes to the Rock Centre on Mowbray Drive.

Originally this had been nominated as a building conversion award, but the closer the Civic Trust Looked, it was realised that the real impact of the Rock Centre was in its work with vulnerable adults. The Rock Centre offers a wide range of facilities for training and education to help vulnerable adults to become more confident and encourages independence through life skills training and education.

Through partnership with business, the centre offers real work opportunities to those who may struggle to enter the job market reducing isolation and encouraging self esteem. You'd think this was a pretty amazing achievement in itself, but on top of this, the centre acts as a focus for raising money for other charities as well offering an opportunity for the centres users to give help as well as receive it!

To collect the award we have Debbie Ellarby, Robert Gillon and Jacqui Parkinson

Rock Centre Award

Annual Open Spaces Award

This award goes to Cavendish Recreation Ground, a fantastic green space located in Bispham, close to the sea front.

The Recreation ground has come a long way during the past four years thanks to the successful partnership between the Council's Parks and Green Environment Department and a group of stakeholders including the Friends of Cavendish Road Recreation Ground, Bispham Bowling Club recreational concessionaire SPNW Leisure Ltd and the unwavering support of Ward Councillors.

All of these stakeholders, with extra special support from Lisa Kersey and Tim Riley of the Council's Park's Department, have driven projects like the fantastic new children's playground, the conversion of a run down basketball court into a modern multi-use games area which, a new picnic area within the children's playground and the work continues with a project to renovate the bowls pavilion on the site.

This example of so many groups working with the Council to create a real community facility is another superb example of community, business and local government working together to deliver improved neighbourhood facilities. This park won its first national Green Flag Award in 2010 and the award is a fantastic outcome for all those who have dedicated so much time and effort in making this site the best it can be and shows what good partnership working can achieve.

With this in mind it is with pleasure that I ask John Blackledge, Assistant Director of Leisure & Commercial Services to come and present our Annual Open Spaces Award.

Plaque: from Blackpool Council Lisa Kersey & Tim Riley
Glass: Chairman of the Friends of Cavendish Rd Park & Bowling Green Mr John Farnworth

Cavendish Park Award

Photograph of the Mayor and the Friends of Cavendish Park after the presentation.


Next, we are very grateful to three of our previous award winners who all agreed to sponsor us this evening.

Firstly we have my family who won an award for the Number One Hotels in 2007 for a massive refurbishment. Number One South Beach is providing your refreshments at the end of the proceedings.

Next we have Eclipse Development UK Ltd Building Contractors who have already won a couple of awards in previous years.

Lastly, but by no means least, F. Parkinsons Builders Ltd. They have been associated with our awards ever since we began. They have mainly been here as award winners but both last year and this have also acted as sponsors.

It is the generosity of these firms that has sponsored this evening and we are very, very grateful to them all.

2010 Awards for the Best Buildings

Judges of the best building work

Malcolm Hankey again agreed to be a judge for us this year.

Pippa Greenway from the Blackpool Council Planning Office.

Miss Samantha Dugdale who is currently studying at the Blackpool Sixth Form College.

Bob Taziker, the Blackpool Civic Trust Planning officer.

Alistair Baines from Cassidy & Ashton Architects of Preston & Chester.

Best Shop Front

This goes to No 5 Cedar Square

You couldn't ask more from a contrast of the old and new than Cafe No.5 on Cedar Square! Its new frontage with a tall classically inspired shop front dominates the recently completed Cedar Square. The interior, on two floors is by complete contrast cool and contemporary with a focus on natural wood. This project has seen collaboration between the Blackpool Townscape Heritage Initiative and Invest in Blackpool.

Both schemes aimed at supporting economic change, particularly for small and medium sized businesses in the town. Owners Simon and Stephen Wrigley were the first to seize the opportunity of both initiatives and despite the difficult economic climate, made a significant investment in a new, high quality business on Cedar Square.

Presented by Mr Paul Maynard MP for Blackpool North.

Plaque - Partners from No 5 - The Wrigley family
Glass - Builder Rob Knighton, Eclipse UK Ltd
Glass - Designer Carl Carrington from Blackpool Council

Number 5 Cedar Square

Number 5

Cedar Square

No5 Cedar Square Award

The Wrigley family and Eclipse after the presentation.

No5 Cedar Square Award

Carl Carrington with Paul Maynard MP.

Award for the Best Building Refurbishment

This goes to The Albert & the Lion

This award recognises both the sensitive conversion of the ground floor of an important but unlisted Art Deco building and an exemplary partnership between the client architect, Andy Ince from Harris-Ince Architects, and the Urban Design section of the Council.

When JD Wetherspoon took over the ground floor of the former Woolworth building there were concerns about the impact this would have on the street frontage of this promenade landmark. However, the use of vertical bronzed metal elements and art deco ceramic decoration between the doors provides a modern solution with a period twist that sits well with the rest of this superb building. Sited next door to Blackpool Tower the naming of the new business after the famous poem was very apt whilst the interior design carries through the heritage theme of Blackpool.

Presented by our MP for Blackpool South, Mr Gordon Marsden

Plaque - Chris Ferriday, Jon Randall and Bekki White of Wetherspoons
Glass - Ian Sanderson from Sanderson's Contractors Ltd
Glass - Andy Ince from Harris-Ince Architects, Knott Mills, Manchester

Albert and the Lion Award

Albert and the Lion, Blackpool Promenade

Glass: An extra award is being given to Tim Corry (late of Blackpool Planning Dept) for the extra help given on this project.
The Civic Trust understands that Tim was the Urban Design Manager for Blackpool Council and has now left to set up a business of his own. The Civic Trust extends its thanks for Tim's work on this and many other schemes and wishes him well for the future.

Best New Building

Innovation and Export Centre, which houses the Product Design and Export Dept. of Glasdon UK Ltd on Preston New Road.

A steel and glass framed building with artisan brick panels, the building has a light feel despite its size. The design with its vertical emphasis makes the building appear taller than it actually is, and cleverly disguised service and venting areas add to the overall interest of the building. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship, particularly the metal framed windows and brickwork panels, set it apart from other nominations as befits the office of the internationally known Glasdon group. The people who work here enjoy light airy spaces, plenty of light and wide views

Plaque - Martin Wallwork, Mark Anderson & James Hodgson from Glasdon UK Ltd.
Glass - Architect Alistair Baines from Cassidy & Ashton, Preston
Glass - Joe Moxham and Duncan Worsley from Walter Carefoot & Sons Construction Ltd.

Glasdon's Award

Glasdon's Blackpool

Transforming Blackpool Award

To Blackpool Council for securing the future of Blackpool Tower and the Winter Gardens.

This Award has been picked by the Blackpool Civic Trust Executive Committee. This evening has shown just how much Blackpool is being transformed.

Andy Mitchell spoke about why this year we decided to give our Transforming Blackpool Award for something about which we are all very pleased.

At the end of 2009, many Blackpool residents were pessimistic about the future of the Winter Gardens and constant letters of complaint about the deteriorating state of Blackpool Tower were arriving on the desk of the editor of the Gazette. Then, in April 2010, the Council made the announcement that it had secured a deal to purchase both buildings along with a significant slice of Golden Mile property from their former owners Leisure Parcs. This move, possibly the boldest decision by a local authority in recent times, cannot go without praise.

In doing what it did, Blackpool Council has secured the future of two internationally significant buildings, not just for Blackpool Residents, but for the whole country. The subsequent deal with Merlin Entertainments for the management of the Tower and the active programme of works to the Winter Gardens has delivered something that is likely to prove transformational on so many levels. Blackpool has always been proud of these buildings, now local people can be proud to be their owners!

Presented by the President of Blackpool Civic Trust Mr Barry Shaw.

Glass: Cllr Ian Fowler on behalf of Blackpool Council

Blackpool Council Award

Blackpool Tower

The Tower being refurbished top to bottom, inside and out. Blackpool Council with Merlin.

Special Award

This is a double headed Award to Blackpool Football Club and Blackpool FC Community Trust

Blackpool Football Club was founded in the 1880's and has played on its present Bloomfield Road ground since the demise of the Raikes Pleasure Garden at the end of the 19th century. Always a leader in the football world, it won the FA cup in 1953 before its fortunes began to wane. For the next four decades, although fluctuating between the 2nd and 3rd Division, it still kept a hard core of supporters.

The winning of the Football League Championship in 2010 and the elevation of the Seasiders to the premiership brought supporters out in their thousands. One only had to see the crowd lining the promenade when the Ian Holloway and his team returned to see the pride that this event put into the town.

This award recognises the contribution of the football club in raising this town's status in the eyes of millions across the whole country.

We all know the Football Club, but how many of us are aware of the Blackpool Football Club Community Trust? The trust has worked tirelessly and quietly for the past 25 years to improve the lives of people of all ages, working with schools and community groups and using its links to the football club to inspire and encourage others.

It does this through an extensive programme which includes partnerships with the Princes Trust, its schools and half term programmes and through a wider social inclusion programme that amongst other things seeks to reduce isolation in the over 50's.
Now that the club has regained premier league status more funding for this work will be available. This award recognises this huge investment in people and the kindness of the staff and players at the club, who give their time to working with all these groups and more.

Special Award presented by Mayor, Cllr Don Clapham

Plaque: Jimmy Armfield CBE
Glass: Rev Michael Ward
Glass: Roger Reade & Derek Spence

Jimmy Armfield made a very interesting, impromptu speech which was well received.

Blackpool Football Club Community Trust Award

Princes Trust with Jason Euell.

Thanks to Andy Mitchell for reading out the citations which were so ably written for us by Carl Carrington.

Grateful isn't a big word. But in these depressing times we may not think it but we do have a lot for which to be grateful.

Thank you all!

The Mayor, Cllr Don Clapham, made a closing speech.

Carl Carrington Blackpool's Built Heritage Manager produced the PowerPoint presentation used on the night. We are grateful to Carl for not only this help but for all the help and support he gives us throughout the year.

Photographs of the event by Abby Waylett, Blackpool 6th Form College.

Flower Design

Thanks to Flower Design of St Annes for the flowers.

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