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Blackpool Civic Trust at Blackpool Carnival 2018


Blackpool Civic Trust promoting excellence since 1975

Founded in 1975, Blackpool Civic Trust seeks to promote excellence and community spirit in Blackpool for people of all ages. We are interested in all things Blackpool, particularly its heritage and future for people. We have monthly meetings, visits to places of interest, and community activities such as Civic Week. We'd love you to join us.


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Our next meeting will be on Monday 20th November 2023 at 7pm

at the Imperial Hotel, Louis Suite, North Shore, Blackpool.

The speaker will be Crispin Edwards
(Listing advisor, Historic England)
'Listing the Fylde Coast'

This is the annual Robert Evan Mills Lecture. A former member.




Unveiling the Blue Plaque for Desmond Bagley


31st October 2023, Blackpool


In the centenary year of best-selling author, Desmond Bagley, Blackpool Civic Trust has put up a Blue Plaque where he once lived in North Shore, Blackpool.

Bagley moved with his family at the age of 12 to Blackpool. He later became a journalist and one of the leading writers of thrillers in the 1970s, helping to establish and popularise the genre. His 17 books have never been out of print.

A local author, script-writer and journalist, Michael Davies, is a big fan of Bagley's and has paid the master the ultimate homage of writing two original novels in his style and featuring one of Bagley's last heroes, Bill Kemp.

The Deputy Mayor, Cllr Major Adrian Hoyle and Deputy Mayoress Sharon Hoyle unveiled the Blue Plaque on 31st October and later attended, together with the Chair of Blackpool Civic Trust, Joan Humble, a special event held at Central Library. This took the form of a conversation between Michael Davies and David Brawn, representing the publisher HarperCollins, about Desmond Bagley and his formative years spent in Blackpool, including the many hours he devoted to reading and studying at Central Library.


Photo: Joan Humble, Sharon Hoyle, Adrian Hoyle, David Brawn, Michael Davies

Desmond Bagley Blue Plaque unveiling at Blackpool with Joan Humble, Sharon Hoyle, Adrian Hoyle, David Brawn, Michael Davies  31st Oct 2023


Blue Plaque for Desmond Baguley writer, donated by HarperCollinsPublishers  October 2023  Blackpool Civic Trust

More photos on the news page


Blue Plaque unveiled for the Nolan Family

at the Cliffs Hotel Blackpool

16th October 2023

Blackpool Civic Trust were pleased to be involved in placing a plaque at the Cliffs Hotel marking the venue where the famous Nolan Sisters, later the Nolans, were discovered in 1973. Present were sisters Anne, Coleen, Linda, Denise, Maureen and brother Tommy. Photos also of Joan Humble, Chair of Blackpool Civic Trust and the blue plaque. The Deputy Mayor of Blackpool Adrian Hoyle unveiled the plaque. Monday 16th October 2023.


Blue Plaque for the Nolan Family at the Cliffs Hotel Blackpool


The Blue Plaque for the Nolan Family at the Cliffs Hotel in Blackpool, North Shore, where they were first discovered in 1973.

Blue Plaque for the Nolan Family at the Cliffs Hotel Blackpool October 2023

See more on our news page click here


Here are the nomination forms for the 2023 Awards
as of the 23rd October 2023


Every year we present awards for the Best Building Work and Community Activities in Blackpool



Blackpool Civic Trust Awards for Achievement in 2023

We are inviting everyone to nominate a building or organisation for a Blackpool Civic Trust Award for achievement in 2023.

There are 6 categories which must meet the guidelines all listed below. The nominations form and guidelines can be downloaded in Word and pdf format. Work must have been completed in Blackpool in 2023.


The closing date for receipt of forms is 31st December 2023.

Note that the Open Spaces Award closure date is 31st March 2024.


NOMINATION FORM FOR COMPLETION (Please read the guidelines for the relevant category. The guidelines can be downloaded.)



1. Best New Build

2. Best New Refurbishment

3. Best Open Space

4. Best New Quality Visitor Attraction

5. Transforming Blackpool

6. Best Community Group

Exclusions: nominations cannot be repeated in the same category in different years, work must have been completed in 2023.



Guidelines for Awards Nominations

Points you may find helpful to consider when explaining the reasons for your nomination in one of the categories below. NB. Not all may apply.


Best New Build
Quality of Design
Distinctive features
Accessibility (including wheelchair users etc)
Respect for streetscape/townscape

Best New Refurbishment
'Kerb appeal'
Distinctive features
Visual design/aesthetic appeal
Accessibility (including wheelchair users etc)
Respect for streetscape/townscape

Best New Visitor Attraction
How does it enhance Blackpool's offer to holiday-makers & visitors?
Distinctive features
Accessibility (including wheelchair users etc)
Is it innovative?


Transforming Blackpool
In what way or ways does it transform Blackpool?
Distinctive features
Visual design/aesthetic appeal
Accessibility (including wheelchair users etc)

Best Open Space
How is the space used and by whom, including birds & wildlife
Most attractive/valuable features
Accessibility (including wheelchair users etc)

Best Community Group
How does the group make a significant or distinctive contribution to the wider community?
How is this delivered and by whom?



Click here to download the full size nomination form in Word format.


Click here to download the full size nomination form in pdf format.



Click here to download the guidelines for nominations in Word format


Click here to download the guidelines for nominations in pdf format


A view of the form, please download a Word or PDF copy to submit it.

Blackpool Civic Trust 2023 Awards Nomination Form for previewing only.


Please return the form to:

Click here to open an email



Blackpool Heritage Open Days


Guided Tours of Blackpool Town Hall Saturday 16th September part of Heritage Open Days.

Blackpool Civic Trust volunteers will conduct the tours. Just drop in, no booking required. Find out more using the link below.

Event times: Saturday 16th September 2023, 9.30am - 4pm

Tickets: FREE event no need to book a ticket.

Town Hall
Talbot Square

Click here to read more on the Blackpool Showtown Heritage Open Days Website


Blackpool Town Hall


Monthly Meeting Speakers for our year 2023/24


Blackpool Civic Trust Monthly Meeting Speakers 2023/24

To print a copy please click here for a pdf version




Blackpool Civic Trust Awards and Afternoon Tea for Achievement in 2022

Also including the Blackpool Council Awards for Conservation 2019

Held at the Blackpool Winter Gardens, Baronial Hall on Friday 18th August 2023.

The Blackpool Civic Trust Awards for 2022

Blackpool Civic Trust Awards and Dinner for Achievement in 2022


The awards ceremony� was attended by over 90 guests, members, award-winners and the Mayor and Mayoress, the Chief Executive Officer and senior Council colleagues. It was followed by a splendid afternoon tea.


Joan Humble, Chair of Blackpool Civic Trust, read the citations and winners and the Mayor of Blackpool Councillor Gillian Campbell made the awards.


Thanks to the Winter Gardens Trust and assistance from Carl Carrington of Blackpool Council for hosting the event at the Winter Gardens and to Blackpool Council for their sponsorship this year.


We'd like to thank Claire Griffiths for taking photographs of the event.


We are pleased to be able to reintroduce our annual awards scheme after a two-year break due to the pandemic.


Read more on our 2022 Awards Page



Blue Plaque Unveiling for Audrey Mosson 20th May 2023

The unveiling of the Blue Plaque for Audrey Musson who was the 10th Railway Queen of Great Britain at the age of 15. Then toured Russia meeting railway men and Joseph Stalin on a peace trip. She switched on Blackpool Illuminations in 1935 and then repeated it alongside Joanna Lumley 50yrs later.

Read and view more photos on our news page, click here


The Audrey Mooson Blue Plaque May 2023

The fammily of Audrey Mosson with Susan Brownrigg, Joan Humlbe, Kath Benons




Blue Plaque Unveiling for Swallow Sidecars at The Armfield Club 10th January 2023

The Armfield Club, Bloomfield Road, Blackpool, was in 1922 the original factory for Swallow Sidecars who went on to become Jaguar Cars.

The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust represented by Terry Merrygold, had sponsored the Blue Plaque which replaces an older one. For the unveiling they had generously brought from the British Motor Museum, Gaynor, Warwickshire, a Swallow Sidecar with a Brough motorcycle and an Austin Swallow car.

Read more on our news page


Councillor Peter Hunter, Deputy Mayor (the Mayor had other engagements) gave a short speech before unveiling the Blue Plaque.

Unveiling the blue plaque for Swallow Sidecars, The Armfield Club Blackpool  10th January 2023


Read more on our news page








Presentation of a Bequest to Blackpool Civic Trust 21st March 2022


David Owen is seen handing over a generous bequest to Joan, our Chair, at the end of the AGM, March 2022. The Executive Committee shall consider carefully how this charitable contribution should be spent on promoting excellence in Blackpool.

Presentation of a generous  bequest to Blackpool Civic Trust 21st March 2022



Blackpool Civic Trust Awards for Achievement in 2019

St Stephens on the Cliffs Church 21st March 2022

Due to Covid restrictions the awards ceremony in 2020 at the Carousel Hotel was deferred and a smaller awards presentation was made at the AGM at St Stephens on the Cliffs Church.

The awards were presented by John Barnett MBE, DL and Danielle Barnett. Joan Humble was master of ceremonies. Below are details of the Awards and photographs of winners being presented with the their awards.


For a full set of photographs please see our 2019 Awards page, click here.


John and Danielle Barnett present the Community Award to The Windmill Trust at Stephen's on the Cliffs Church

John and Danielle Barnett present the Community Award to The Windmill Trust





Talbot Square

In 2015 The Civic Trust carried out a condition survey of all Grade 2 listed buildings on behalf of the Council. Our planning officer raised concerns about the general condition of the former Clifton Hotel (Grade 2). Of particular concern were cracks in the west elevation and the dangerous state of several exterior lights that looked as if they might fall down. Our Chair, Joan, contacted the Gazette, which published an article on the building�s condition. We alerted the Council also whose Enforcement Officers got the hotel to dismantle the offending light fixtures.

Since then the Civic Trust has been keeping a close eye on the building and recording the external repairs that have slowly been taking place. These observations were regularly passed on to the Council�s Conservation Officer. It is very pleasing to report that Forshaw�s hotel, as it�s now called - reverting to its historic name - is looking altogether more spruce, though it�s a work in progress.

Read more on our planning page


Forshaws Hotel in Talbot Square Blackpool





Blackpool Civic Trust Wreath 2021


Our wreath laid at the Blackpool Cenotaph, 14th November 2021

Blackpool Civic Trust Remembrance Wreath  November 2021






The Civic Trust has won national recognition for Blackpool�s seaside heritage in North Shore.


Historic England has awarded Grade 2 status to Middle and Lower Walk colonnades. The 5 Middle Walk colonnades and retaining wall , which is included in the listing, start at Cocker Square and finish at Gynn slipway. The national listing for the single Lower Walk colonnade includes 2 massive pillars at Gynn Square, which are the only surviving parts of what was formerly a very grand entrance to the colonnades.

Read more on our Listed Buildings Page click here


Historic England.  Blackpool Grade 2 listing of 8 Promenade Shelters in August 2021.  Blackpool Civic Trust

Historic England, �Seaside Gems of Blackpool�.�Grade 2 national listing.�  The Colonnades, North Shore







Blackpool Civic Trust Seaside Memorabilia Collection

Over the years Blackpool Civic Trust has collected a large amount of Blackpool related Seaside Memorabia. We have photographed the items and created an on-line catalogue. Please click on this link to view it.


Item 5

Blackpool Civic Trust Seaside Memorabiliia


See more in our news page



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Blackpool contains many buildings and areas of importance:

Over 30 listed buildings

Over 50 blue plaques

One listed park

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